The Sayings of a Clinical Psychologist

The happiest moment in my career is to witness my clients walking through their predicament step by step, eventually embracing the sunshine. Then say goodbye to them and no longer see them in the counselling room.
Once you started to see yourself clearly, you will be more likely to accept yourself, then exert yourself and bring your energy into full play.
To help a child is to help a family. To help a family is to help the society. The help the society is to help our future!

Dr. Monica Wong

One-on-one Counselling

Scope of service provided: Depression • Anxiety • Emotional Turbulence • Sleep Disorder • Eating Disorder • Psychosis • Drug Abuse • Alcoholism • Personal Growth • Career Planning • Problems of Interpersonal Relationship

Psychological Trauma Treatment

Scope of service provided:
• Accident
• Natural Disaster
• Physical/emotional Abuse
• Bullying
• Sexual Assault/Abuse
• Family Transition
• Loss of Family Member/loved One

Child Counselling

Scope of service provided:
• Behavioural and Emotional Problems
• Self Harm
• Addiction
• Schoolphobia

Adolescent Counselling

Scope of service provided:
• Behavioural and Emotional Problems
• Self Harm
• Addiction
• Schoolphobia

SEN Students Counselling

Scope of service provided:
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Behavioral/Emotional Problems

Marriage Counselling

Scope of service provided:
• Marriage Problems
• Premarital Counselling
• Intimacy Problems

Family Therapy

Family therapy takes a systemic approach to understanding the psychological problems of clients. Individuals’ emotions and behaviours are often influenced by the relationships within the family, thus creating a cyclical pattern of interaction. In the context of the clients’ symptomatic problems, patterns of interactions within the system are first identified, NDI therapists then work with clients to uncover their inner strengths, the external resources brought by their family, and to bring hope that they can get out of the situation and live the way they want to.
Counselling services include but are not limited to: parent-child relationships, family relationships, intergenerational relationships, remarried families

Therapeutic Groups

A therapeutic group is a group of people who bring psychological support to their members through regular activities. The aim of the group is to promote the personal growth of its members and to enhance their relationships and cohesion, so that individuals can become an external resource for each other, supporting each other and making progress together. In this process, group members are expected to coordinate and develop an inclusive relationship with themselves, others, the group and the community, creating a synergy that allows them to share a greater love and achieve greater self-realisation.

Music Therapy

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) defines music therapy as the use of clinically proven music therapy modalities to help cases achieve specific treatment goals. A Registered Music Therapist uses music as a medium to work with a case to set treatment goals and plans, implement the treatment plan, and continually evaluate progress in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

NDI Trainee Therapist Service

Narrative Drawing Intervention® Institute is committed to developing a pool of professional Narrative Drawing Intervention® therapists. NDI trainee therapists are all professional degree holders and all have completed the Narrative Drawing Intervention® Practicum and Supervision Courses. They are selected from among the best graduates of the SNDI class.

NDI trainee therapists are required to undergo continuous clinical supervision by Dr. Monica Wong, the founder of Narrative Drawing Intervention®, during the provision of counselling services. In addition to maintaining the therapist’s personal style, we aim to adhere to the first principle of “Do No Harm” in Narrative Drawing Intervention® and to continuously enhance their professional competence to ensure professionalism, ethical standards, maturity and flexibility in psychological counselling.

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